Our goals

The AgreenTech Valley Cluster brings together all the players involved in digital technologies, users, technology and service providers, as well as academics, to design, disseminate and exploit these technologies and provide innovative solutions to the agriculture and agri-food sectors.



The 3 thematic priorities

Axis 1: Energy transition

Sustainable systems for an agriculture that is a pioneer in the energy transition

Agriculture as a consumer and producer of Renewable Energies

     -> agrivoltaics, methanisation, biomass energy, solar thermal energy, hydrogen, ...

Axis 2: Optimisation of inputs

Digital technologies at the service of environmentally friendly agriculture that creates value

     -> smart irrigation, biocontrol, digital entomology, fertilisers, precision sowing, varieties, water treatment, etc.

Area 3: Innovative sensors

Strategic and cross-cutting technological theme in data acquisition in agriculture/forestry

     -> linked to the areas of expertise of the territory and the network

Our missions and services

Animation programme

It is enriched during the year with new events according to the opportunities identified within the network. The provisional programme of events is submitted to the Board of Directors for proposal and approval. It is then completed according to the network's proposals and opportunities.
Below are the different events that have or will take place during the year 2022 :

Programme d'animations 2022

360° networking, skills search and members' directory

At the request of the member or during the events of the animation programme, the Cluster responds to searches for types of partners, expertise, or for targeted networking within the ecosystem. This can take the following forms

- Business Meetings
- R&D Meetings (including links with student working groups)
- Strategic partnerships
- Technical connections with Resource Centres: CRESITT Industrie, FabLab/IndustryLab, IoT school: all the tools in the area for designing, prototyping and developing sensors and IoT.

A directory of members has been put online on our website. Each member who wishes to do so, has a dedicated page allowing them to highlight their expertise and areas of competence.
The directory is updated for each new member and annually for all members.

Targeted dissemination of a call for projects

For several months now, the Cluster has been distributing targeted monitoring information according to the member's profile.

- Monitoring of public aid schemes in relation to company strategy
- Monitoring of the various public aids intended for the development of companies (360° vision)

In the coming months, this service will be developed and structured in order to provide relevant information to members.

Leading Farmers Club

The AgreenTech Valley Cluster is creating a club of farmers/producers within its network of members.
The aim is to bring together farmers interested in and in need of digital solutions and the solution providers who develop or optimise these digital tools, so that the final solution best meets their needs: complexity, use, ergonomics, etc.


Engineering of innovative projects

The project engineering service is being deployed with the support of three expert firms: Fidev'Active, Inosearch and Enviropea. This is for the identification of funding, the preparation of files, etc. to better support our members in their projects!
Our 3 experts are human-sized structures, complementary in their offers and operating throughout France.
They already have experience or specialisation in agriculture, environment and innovation.
From now on, our members' service will enable us to assist them with all their financing needs, from investment and innovation aid, tax measures, to aid for European projects.