Our goals

The AgreenTech Valley association federates all user stakeholders, technology picto-2 providers, service providers and academics in digital technology to design, disseminate and operate these technologies, and provide the agriculture and agrifood sectors with innovative solutions.

Nos axes de développement

  • Competitiveness: optimise crop management to increase yield, reduced usage of chemical inputs,
  • Quality of production (protein content, manage the ripening and flowering phases, taste quality…),
  • Environmental constraints: climate change, responsible management of natural resources, in particular water, greenhouse gases, …
  • Reduce energy costs,
  • Climate change
  • Supply training in step with the rise of skills


The medium-term objectives are to implement the expected leverage effect: attracting new players and facilitating new, large-scale resources.


Our missions and services

Organise the network

Bring together the main players in the sector : Companies offering digital technologies and their users, academic actors, to address common issues and work together on innovations in the sector,

Boost collaborative R&D

Set-up important collaborative projects with various partners to work on Research and Development, to answer issues surrounding agricultureAu travers du montage de grands projets de R&D multipartenaires, pour répondre aux enjeux majeurs de l’agriculture, with a view to economic development and value creation :

  • Emergence of new projects issuing from cross-disciplinary collective brainstorming,
  • Projects ingineering,
  • Support for project leaders and actors in projects set-up,
  • Support for projects of interest, issuing from partner structures

Increase the appeal of what the region has to offer

Raise the profile of the sector and encourage national and international stakeholders to set up business here.

Encourage the creation of Industrial - research laboratories, to guarantee the sustainability of innovation activities.

Promulgate the results - communication and training

Organise technology transfer to end users, in partnership with stakeholders from education (initial and continuous training, agricultural, university education), to provide training and ensure that results are integrated in the educational curriculum.