First Edition of the Da Vinci Dialogues

AgreenTech Valley took part in the First Edition of the Da Vinci Dialogues, a two-day seminar organised by Da Vinci Labs (an AgreenTech Valley member), a new incubator specialising in quantum technologies, artificial intelligence and synthetic biology.

AgreenTech Valley was present on the first day, Tuesday 9 April 2024, as a partner in this day devoted to the contribution of quantum technologies to resolving environmental and energy issues, with a focus on natural resources and energy consumption.

Renowned experts such as Olivier Ezratty (speaker and author), Karl Thibault (University of Sherbrooke, Canada), Krisztian Benyo, Ph.D. (Pasqal), Jean-Philip Piquemal (Qubit Pharmaceuticals), Dimitri Labat (Chipiron) and Olivier Tonneau (Quantonation) shared their knowledge and explained how quantum technologies will revolutionise environmental and health sciences.

This first edition of the Da Vinci Dialogues provided an opportunity to:
- Understand the challenges and opportunities of quantum technologies in your sector.
- Discover concrete industrial applications to meet your specific challenges.
- Meet experts and the quantum ecosystem in the Centre-Val de Loire region.

AgreenTech Valley is proud to have been a partner of this day dedicated to the environment and energy and would like to thank Da Vinci Labs for a day full of presentations and discussions.

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