How can you finance your GREEN innovation in 2024 ?

AgreenTech Valley and theAGREEN LAB'O Village by CA organised the event "How to finance your GREEN innovation in 2024" on Wednesday 14 February 2024? 🍃

The aim: to show the diversity of schemes that can be mobilised, to highlight upcoming calls for projects, to shed light on how these schemes fit in with corporate strategy and local, national and European innovation strategies, and thus encourage project leaders to get started and mobilise these funding opportunities.

The programme includes

- Round tables to present the diversity of these schemes and how they fit together

- Free networking lunch

- Personalised discussion sessions between funders and project promoters

Thank you to the various speakers who made this event "How to finance your GREEN innovation in 2024" a rich exchange of ideas and sharing:

Round Table 1

  • Tugdual LE GALLOC, Head of Innovation, Research and Development, Centre Val de Loire Region
  • SĂ©bastien PACQUETEAU, Mission Manager, DREETS Centre Val de Loire
  • Nadia JENNANE, Innovation business manager, BPI france
  • Guillaume ARAGUAS, France 2030 Monitoring Manager, Banque des Territoires
  • Kevin HIDALGO, Founder and CEO, INOSEARCH

Round table 2

  • Anne VILLIEU, Manager BU Company support, La Technopole D'OrlĂ©ans
  • Cyrille CANITROT, Investment Director, UI investissement
  • Muriel DOUCET, Director AgreenTech Valley
  • Valentine GUTHR, Partnership Manager, MIIMOSA