September 20, 2023 – focus member : the ChateauFer Farm

As part of its energy transition program, Agreentech Valley was pleased to invite its members to visit the ChâteauFer farm on Wednesday September 20 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, to discover the geothermal loop application integrated into a vegetable greenhouse. This project has earned Céline Martin-Min, Farm Manager at Ferme de ChateauFer, the Grand Prix Xavier Beulin 2020.


Faced with energy challenges, Céline and her team chose to rely on geothermal energy to produce their own heat to supply the seedling greenhouse and farm buildings, and thus meet a low-carbon objective of energy autonomy.

13 geothermal probes are inserted in boreholes with a closed hydraulic loop. In winter, this system captures heat from the subsoil via heat pumps to warm the nursery, which in turn transmits coolness to the soil. In summer, the system transmits coolness to the nursery, which in turn sends heat to the subsoil, thus balancing the exchanges.

The aim of this geothermal installation is to define a system that is sustainable over time. Coupling the greenhouse with a geothermal installation will create a market garden production tool that is synchronized with the seasons and highly energy-efficient.

This geothermal loop project is the only one of its kind in Europe.

We'd like to thank Céline and her team for their warm welcome and very informative explanations of their geothermal application.