Start-up Weekend – Plants and Ecotechnologies

20-21-22 May 2016 – Start-up weekend in Orleans, on the topic of Plants and Ecotechnologies

AgreenTech Valley took part as a mentor, alongside the DREAM and VEGEPOLYS business clusters, in the 3rd start-up weekend in Orleans addressing the topics of "Plants and Ecotechnologies".


What is the start-up weekend? The participants have 54 hours to conceive a start-up, coached by mentors. On the Friday evening, the project leaders have one minute to pitch their idea. The 10 best ideas are selected from the votes of the participants. The teams then form naturally, bringing together different and complementary skills. They have two days to finalise their project as best they can, before the final 3-minute pitch on the Sunday evening. The jury rewards the best three projects.

The President, Xavier Beulin, was one of the jury members.


Healthy participation in this first topical start-up project, resulting in one year's membership being offered to the winning team by AgreenTech Valley. The challenge now is to work on making this idea a reality.