Services to our members

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1️⃣ Animation programme

Each year, the cluster establishes an animation program. It contains different types of events:

  • Working groups
  • Members' meeting
  • Afterworks
  • Conferences
  • Forums
  • Awards ceremony (see our innovation contests)
  • Hackathon...

Some events are co-organized with our partners. They allow our members to meet, exchange on their projects, create new initiatives and spend a convivial moment.

2️⃣ 360° networking, skills search and members' directory

The cluster responds to research requests concerning partner typologies, expertise or targeted connections within the ecosystem.

This can meet the following needs:

  • Technical and R&D expertise
  • Financial strategy
  • Marketing and sales strategy
  • Legal expertise and industrial property
  • Strategic partnerships

Consult our directory of members for a first discovery of our network's expertise.

3️⃣ Targeted dissemination of calls for projects & newsletter

The cluster distributes two types of monitoring to its members:

  • Calls for projects:

Targeted dissemination of information on innovation support schemes, depending on the member's profile.

  • "What's Num ?":

This quarterly newsletter scans the news of the innovative AgTech ecosystem, at the crossroads of plant and digital themes, in order to identify new players and solutions, and follow projects, ongoing developments and trends...

4️⃣ Leading Farmers Club

The club brings together farmers and producers, members of the cluster.

Its objective is to put in contact interested farmers who are looking for digital solutions with solution providers who develop or optimize these digital tools, so that the final solution best meets their needs: complexity, use, ergonomics, etc.

More information and registration here: Leading Farmers Club

5️⃣ Support for innovative projects

  • Consulting & expertise:

Through its knowledge of plant sectors, markets, technologies and its links with end-users, the cluster offers its expertise to challenge members' innovative ideas.

  • Project engineering:

Analysis and definition of the project, identification of aid schemes, search for partners and key service providers, preparation of applications and relations with funding agencies.

The project engineering service is deployed with the support of our partner consulting firms. These human-sized structures are complementary in their offers and operate throughout France, with experience or specialization in agriculture, the environment or innovation.

They enable us to provide our members with the best possible support for their projects, from their financing needs, investment and innovation grants, tax measures, to European aid !