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Photo Muriel Doucet

Muriel Doucet 


With a dual skill set of IT business analyst and environmental engineer, Muriel has been in charge of the development and animation of the cluster since its creation in 2015.

She has experience as an environment project manager, engineering collaborative and structuring projects in innovation ecosystems. She contributes to the activities and the interface with the members, while ensuring the management and the piloting of the cluster.


+33 2 38 69 80 96



 Lucie Stutz

Apprentice project manager

Lucie joined the cluster in September 2022 for one year. She supports the other team members in all the cluster's missions: animation, communication, strategy, international....

At the same time, she is preparing her last year of a Franco-German master's degree in management of clusters and territorial networks at the University of Strasbourg. 


+33 6 35 44 60 87


Photo Nicolas Maniez

Nicolas Maniez

R&D innovation project manager

With a university degree in Plant Protection and Development, Nicolas has a diversified expertise and professional experience in plants and their markets, innovation and new technologies.

He is in charge of the animation of the network and the accompaniment of the innovative projects. He ensures the connection between economic, academic and institutional actors in a collaborative, multidisciplinary and cross-sectoral logic.


+33 6 32 17 41 50


Alexandre BAUME 1 - Copie

Alexandre Baume

Apprentice communication officer

Alexandre will join the cluster in September 2023 for a period of two years. He will be in charge of communications and will help to raise the cluster's profile nationally and internationally.

At the same time, he is preparing for his first year of a Master's degree in event and digital communications at the IAE in Orléans.



+33 7 87 07 13 83